Sports opinions with a side of satire. First & 10s is a weekly podcast delivering the spiciest opinions on football, life, and especially each other.  The brainchild of long time friends Amy Voss and Jasmine Sadry, First and 10s will bring you sports from the female perspective, while also injecting pop culture into their daring dialogue.  It’s saucy, edgy, and most of all, FUNNY AF.



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Amy Voss

After graduating from SMU with a degree in Psychology, Amy Voss worked in the music industry as a record promoter for Lyric Street Records and an Affiliate Relations Director for ESPN Radio and the ABC Television Network.  After leaving her 10 year corporate career to take on the challenges of motherhood, Amy became a glass mosaic artist, using acoustic guitars as her canvas.  She is the owner of  Her Glass Axes hang on the walls of private homes and offices belonging to several renowned music industry execs and recording artists.  Amy has played golf since the ripe age of 12 and in the last few years has taken on her latest obsession of tennis. When she’s not busting balls (mostly sports balls) she’s living up to her nickname “Five Star Amy” (not a self given nickname).  Nice things and 5 star accommodations is her jam.  Amy resides in Dallas, TX with her husband (Bruce) and young son (Hudson).

Jasmine Sadry

Jasmine Sadry has been in broadcast media for 18 years, by way of stints at FOX Sports, CBS, ESPN, KVUE-TV, and iHeart with a lot of random TV and voice work in between. Her bits have been featured on MTV2’s “Ain’t That America” and the MLB Network and she was in an episode of TNT’s “Dallas”. Sarcasm, animals, science, sports, music, theatre, Target coupons, and girlie sh*t like wine and fashion are her jam. She’ll also tell you that she once scared Daniel Tosh. And it’s true. She did. Jasmine is a member of the Association for Women in Sports Media and Alliance for Women in Media and was a nominee for “2018 CMA Broadcast Personality of The Year” in a major media market. Jasmine is trilingual and is an avid (borderline psychotic) animal lover, involved with the DFW Lab Rescue and the Texas Humane Legislation Network. Jasmine resides in Dallas, Texas with her two Labs (Gus and Henrik), and her boyfriend (Joseph), who frankly, we’re all surprised is still hanging around.



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