Amber doesn’t like the pressure of writing a bio and the thought of only having 2 sentences is giving her anxiety, more so than her 5 kids. Amber is cool, funny & beautiful….she gets it from her wicked stepmother.
Jenae claims to know more about sports than the rest of the league.  She can be found cheering on local sports teams or her 10 yr old son’s baseball team in her latest pair of cute shoes.  When she’s not taking in sports, she’s drinking champagne, playing with her schnauzers, and staying as far away from the kitchen as possible.
Being a real estate negotiator and a former elite gymnast means Jill is no stranger to competition.  Ready to take down the rest of the league, she’s equipped with a secret weapon in her back pocket…hopefully it’s not just the fact that she’s an Aggie and Cowboys fan.
Kathleen is a hockey mom, stage mom, armchair quarterback, and a veteran of Fantasy Football coming into this league with 20 years of playing time.  She loves red wine, sarcastic humor, and friendly competition.  Did we mention the part about 20 years of playing Fantasy Football….be afraid…be very afraid…
Katie is a football guru and was asked to join because of her knowledge of the sport.  Just kidding, Katie knows nothing, but is always up for a little competition and a good time.
Kelly Ann is a fantasy football champion (and her in-home wall of eight TVs proves it). When she’s not crushing people in her fantasy league, she crushes her career, the gym, Neiman Marcus, her legendary chocolate chip cookie recipe, cheese boards, and tables (Bills Mafia for Life!)
Kerri is everyone’s friend, until competition time, when all bets are off.  She’s big time with an Emmy, and she makes natural beauty look easy.
Marci was surprised to find out that fantasy football does not mean happy hour with Danny Amendola, and although she would rather be shopping on Rodeo, she doesn’t mind spending a little time looking at all of the eye candy that the NFL has to offer.  Never call her an Auto-drafter. . .you may get a Christian Louboutin in the eye.
Ricci is an entrepeneur and inventor that has never met a stiletto she didn’t want to have and save.  Don’t let her Bambi in the headlights look fool you…she was the winner in her last fantasy football league.
Stacy is from Philly, not your typical Philly fan, she won’t be caught dead in jeans and sneakers and has traded in hoagies for ahi tuna salads. She’s sweet and social, but be warned, she’ll go from lady to philly in 2.5 seconds flat.
Velma is your typical salty sarcastic bitch whose a mother, daughter, sister, friend and a tennis wanna be guru.  She’s joking, seriously, She is.  Why the f$ck are you crying?

Jenny, who doesn’t claim to be a sports expert but has played one on TV is currently working through a fan identity crisis. She grew up a Seahawks fan, cheered on teams while living in Indianapolis and Dallas and is living in a house covered in Packers jerseys. Nonetheless, she’s apparently taking this league seriously, as she just sent us this full-on head shot for her bio.